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Proficy Workflow

Proficy Workflow helps you to....
  • Reduce errors and waste
  • Increase quality and right first time occurence
  • Increase compliance by enforcing standard operating procedures
  • Reduce training time through electronic instruction
Make every operator a Manufacturing Expert....

Give your production operatives the power to respond with our Electronic Procedures Solution.

Reduce Errors, Waste and Delays.

Responses defined and executed at the process mean that challenges are dealt with and recorded in a timely fashion. Most occasions do not need the intervention of Management or engineering staff.

Record information at source

Keep information about your manufacturing process at the point at which it happens. Track your processes at source. Respond to challenges as they happen, right at the process step.

Manage by exception.

When something goes wrong.... Imagine being able to define responses so that the issues is controlled and managed within the process.

Changing a procedure without the paper trail.

Making changes to your manufacturing no longer has to be a *visit to the photocopier *administration change *paperchase. Become more responsive to changes in your requirements and processes. Make the change quickly and propagate it to the shop floor.

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