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Proficy Shop Floor SPC

Don't 'Inspect Out' Bad Product.

Historically manufacturers prevented bad product getting to their customers by inspecting out items that were not to specification.

The truth is that this does not work.

No matter how good your inspection system is, there will be an occasion where parts that do not meet the specification land with the customer. 'They slipped through the net' is an everyday term used to describe when this happens.

Stay away from the specifications.

Running a process close to the upper or lower specifications means that some of your production will not meet specification. Proficy Shop Floor SPC allows to you measure your process position within the specification. Once you have this information your processes can be centred so that scrap production is minimised in the extreme.

Reduce variability in the process.

Proficy Shop Floor SPC allows you to measure the 'width' of your process within the specifications. If your process is too, no amount of centering will prevent large proportions of failing product.

Analyse to see where the process could be improved.

By using Proficy Shop Floor SPC's post process reporting tools engineers can find opportunities for improvement. These opportunities can point to machine maitenance, training or re-engineering activities.

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