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GAGEtrak Product Options

These additional products and services are yet another reason that GAGEtrak is the No. 1 calibration management software solution in the world. Contact us today to learn how these options will further increase your productivity with GAGEtrak.
  • Beacon
    Improve email reliability with the GAGEtrak BEACON email notification system. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.5 w/SQL Server)

  • Calibration Label Kit
    Print durable laminated calibration labels directly from GAGEtrak with this compact, convenient printer. (Requires GAGEtrak 6 or 6.5)

  • CalPro
    CalPro is a complete database of step-by-step calibration procedures designed for use with GAGEtrak. (Requires GAGEtrak 6 or 6.5)

  • CyberSensor
    CyberSensor monitors the temperature and humidity of your calibration environment via a USB connection to your PC. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.59 or higher)

  • Issue and Return Module
    Quick and easy access to GAGEtrak's Issue Gages, Return Gages and Kit Entry screens; a perfect solution for a gage or tool crib operator who does not need a full copy of GAGEtrak.

  • Portable Calibration Solution
    Export data from GAGEtrak to a netbook or laptop, generate certificates and print calibration labels in the field. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.63 or higher)

  • Report Viewer
    Report Viewer is an easy-to-use desktop utility that lets you view, print and email all standard and custom GAGEtrak reports. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.5 or higher)

  • SQL Server
    The SQL Server version of GAGEtrak improves the efficiency of large databases while providing greater data security. (Requires GAGEtrak 6.5)

  • Total Calibration Solution
    Everything you need for ISO 9000 and ISO/TS 16949 calibration compliance at a special package price - GAGEtrak, CalPro and a Calibration Label Kit.

  • Validation Kit
    Establish and document FDA validation of your GAGEtrak software. The kit includes a validation guide and a sample database for testing.

  • Implementation Services
    We can advise you on the ideal setup and use of our products for your company’s unique infrastructure and get GAGEtrak up and running quickly so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Training
    Our talented instructors will take you step by step through planning, preparation, setup and successful operation of GAGEtrak. Online, onsite and regional classes.

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